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Introducing Peter Taylor


Peter 'Cyclone' Taylor was born in Toronto in 1922.

The family moved to Oakville when he was six, and it has been home to Peter ever since. He attended Linwood Public School and Oakville/Trafalgar Collegiate, where he distinguished himself as an athlete and most particularly as a runner. Peter also participated with success in hockey and baseball, but track was his passion.

After graduating from high school, he trained at the West End YMCA in Toronto, as there was no proper track in Oakville. He used to hitch rides into Toronto in Eatons' delivery trucks three nights a week to train.

The training paid off with:
1939 ... Canadian Junior Champion ......100 and 220 yards
1940 ... Canadian Open Champion ......100 and 220 yards   (The youngest winner in history...17 years old)

During this period, Peter won many medals, and broke many records in track meets in Ontario and Canada.

Peter's aspirations for the Olympics were ended by World War II events. Peter enlisted and served Canada in Europe as a gunner. However, he did not stop running. Peter won many championships culminating with his first place finishes in the 100 and 220 yard dash events at the allied army track and field championships in Holland at the end of the war. (Ollie Johnson, a fellow honourable member of the Oakville Sports Hall of Fame, won these events after World War I). The track awards were presented to Peter by Troop Commander Field Marshall Montgomery, who dubbed him "Cyclone".

He was also personally congratulated by Princess Juliana of the Netherlands.

Before returning to Canada, Peter also ran in many other track events in Europe, setting records, and routinely running the 100 metres within 3/10 of a second of the then world record time.

Returning to Oakville, Peter entered a business career but also passed on his great knowledge of track, by coaching young Oakville athletes.

Two of them, John Ross and Pete Sutton represented Canada at the Olympics.

Peter "Cyclone" Taylor passed on in November 2006.


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