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Introducing Meredith Gardner


Meredith Anne Gardner was a member of the Canadian Women's National Freestyle Team from 1981 through 1988 and a two-time world champion in freestyle aerials. She was a longstanding master in the the three disciplines of freestyle, aerials and moguls. Competing against the best in the world, she achieved an outstanding record in all three areas, an achievement few skiers have been able to achieve since.

"I started skiing when I was eight," explains Gardner. "Got into competition when I was twelve. I spent one year making a serious bid at ski racing but it was cold and uber-competitive".

It just so happened that future ski-media mogul Chris Robinson also skied at Talisman in those days. He and his buddies were wearing these cool bright orange and yellow shiny lycra suits and doing these awesome tricks like worm turns and legbreakers. They called it 'freestyle skiing,' and I was intrigued." So Meredith decided to try it out. "I signed up for a camp run by a woman freestyler by the name of Renée Smith. I still remember looking at Renée and thinking: 'if she can do it, then I can too.' Then and there I decided I was going to be a World Cup skier."

A graduate of Oakville Trafalgar High School, she became the first (and only) Canadian woman to complete a triple flip on skis. Her achievements include:
77 World Cup Medals (21 gold, 27 silver, 29 bronze)
15 Canadian Championship Medals (3 gold)
World Cup Arial Champion of the Year (1985 & 1988)
More World Cup medals than any other Canadian Skier
Selected by USA magazine Ski Racing as 1988 Freestyle Skiing Athlete of the Year

Following her retirement in 1989, Meredith was a participant in the Ontario Government's "Female Athlete Motivation for Excellence" program and made in excess of 100 presentations to schools across Ontario. She also became a journalist first as a weather girl, then entertainment anchor, news reporter and finally sports producer. Meredith proved to be a knowledgeable and insightful commentator for the CTV coverage of freestyle skking at the 1994 Olympics in Norway.

Meredith remains involved in the development of young skiers through coaching and the publishing of the booklet "A Guide To Freestyle Skiing".

Meredith is currently the Sport Development Director at the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association.


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