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Introducing Dan Ferrone


Many things have changed since Oakville's native son, Dan Ferrone, first entered the CFL in 1981. He has added a beautiful wife, three lovely children, a thriving business career and an on-going commitment towards charity and community.

Dan graduated T.A. Blakelock High School as a touted football and (his first love) basketball athlete. Attending Simon Fraser University on a football scholarship, Dan was named to the NAIA Division One All Star team and was selected as one of two territorial protections of the Toronto Argonauts in 1981.

Dan loved his twelve years in the CFL; a career that totaled 209 games. The offensive lineman's outstanding career includes nine Divisional All Star selections, five All Canadian wins, ten Team Outstanding Lineman nominations, two Leo Dandurand awards for Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman representing the Eastern Conference Schenley Award winners.

The former captain of the two time Argonaut Grey Cup team is the Toronto Argonauts all time awards winner. Dan still says his greatest moments of his football career came when on behalf of his teammates; he was presented in 1983 and 1991, with the oldest championship trophy in sports, the Grey Cup.

Funny word, retired, to describe someone like Dan Ferrone. If anything, life got even bigger and busier. When he wasn't cracking heads on the gridiron, Dan was preparing and working towards "after" football.

While establishing Ferrone Ventures Inc., Dan left TSN where he had his own show, Ferrone File, to become president of the CFL Players' Association. As well as operating Ferrone Fitness Centre with his childhood sweetheart and wife, Barb, Dan is also President & CEO of a seven million dollar venture fund called Sportfund.

In 1997, the Globe & Mail newspaper named Dan 13th of the 25 most powerful and influential people in Canadian sport, placing him ahead of greats Don Cherry, Shelia Copps and Jacque Villeneuve.

Born and raised in Oakville, there are three other reasons Dan's name has become so familiar in Oakville. They are his children, Matthew, Marco and Danielle. They are the blessing of his life, and as a result, he cannot do enough for the kids that aren't his. He was co-chair of Big Brothers, honourary chair of the Kidney Foundation, co-chair of the Great Dream Home Lottery, the Cancer Society's Rizutti Dinner, Halton Family Trauma Centre, Special Olympics and the Community Foundation of Oakville.

Says Dan, "It's something where a little effort from me creates a lot of success for them."

Dan Ferrone, the big man with the big heart.


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